"Age is not important unless you're a cheese."
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Welcome to LaBella Mozzarella !!!

LaBella Mozzarella is a full service Cheese Company.
Producers of  Handmade Mozzarella Products and Distributors of over 250 Specialty Cheeses. 

We are one of the areas largest producers of Fresh Handmade Mozzarella.
Our Mozzarella is 100% Handmade for that true authentic Italian taste.
We also
Distribute over 250 varieties of cheeses from around the world.

LaBella is a family owned business serving the New York - New Jersey Metropolitan area over the last two decades.  We currently serve over 300 Gourmet Deli's, Pizza Shops, and Supermarkets throughout NYC and NJ.

LaBella Mozzarella has been prominently featured in The New York Times and The Star Ledger.

The "LaBella Mozzarella" brand of Fresh Handmade Mozzarella  is produced daily in our newly renovated cheese factory.

 Specialty cheese is the fastest-growing segment of the cheese industry.
To serve our customers’ specialty cheese needs, LaBella Mozzarella carries more than
styles of domestic and imported specialty cheeses from more than 20 countries, all at competitive prices.

Our goal is to continue to be the finest producer of Fresh Handmade Mozzarella as well as a service-oriented specialty cheese distributor. We offer customers the following benefits:

  • Consolidated source. We offer one source for all cheese, from processed to natural to specialty. For customers, this means only one order to place, one truck to receive, and one invoice to pay.
  • Fresher product. Because of our high ratio of import to distribution, our products are fresher, resulting in a longer shelf life.
  • No minimum order. Customers can order as little as one case and still receive their order within 24 Hours.

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