"Age is not important unless you're a cheese."
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Grandma Frattini came from "the Old Country" in 1914 with a dream for a better life and a never ending passion for Italian food.  As she did her best to learn English and become more Americanized, Grandma continued to long for that great taste of fresh mozzarella and other cheeses made in the Italian countryside. 

As children, we would watch in amazement as she made her own Pasta, Bread and Mozzarella.  She would stretch that curd like only a small, stocky, Italian woman could.  While she loved her new American life, she did miss the old Italian ways a bit.  Grandma Frattini would lecture to us about how good the food is in Italy and how everyone she knew made their own.  We'd sit and listen to those stories, and at her insistence, always sample the fresh foods she'd be preparing. The bread was out of this world, but the taste of those Baby Mozzarellas made Grandma a celebrity in our neighborhood. 

In 1999, we took Grandma's advice, secrets and know how and created LaBella Mozzarella.  We make every pound of Fresh Mozzarella by hand, the way Grandma did.  And just like Grandma, we insist on everyone sampling our freshly made Mozzarella. 

Our knowledgeable Sales Team provide every potential customer with a wide variety of samples along with a wealth of information about any cheese which may be of interest.  To meet the demands of our customers, we also provide over 200 Domestic and Imported Cheeses from our newly renovated Mozzarella factory.

Grandma Frattini was right about a lot of things, especially about everyone loving Italian food.  As she looks down upon us, I'm sure she is smiling to see the love for Italian food has reached epic proportions.  Our mission is to provide our customers with the finest tasting cheese while making our Grandma proud.

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