"Age is not important unless you're a cheese."
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Our goal is to be the best service-oriented specialty cheese distributor. We offer customers the following benefits:

  • Consolidated source.  We offer one source for all cheese, from processed to natural to specialty. For customers, this means only one order to place, one truck to receive, and one invoice to pay.
  •  Fresher product. 
     Because of our high ratio of import to distribution, our products are fresher,  resulting in a longer shelf  life.
  •  No minimum order ! 
    Customers can order as little as one case and still receive their order within 24 Hours.
  •  Guaranteed 24 Hr Delivery !    
     You can order as late as 4:00PM for NEXT DAY DELIVERY !
  •  Private Labeling Available.    
     All Mozzarella Products are available with clearly labeled, ready for resale LaBella Mozzarella labels at no additional charge.
     Private Labeling (your label) is available upon request.
  •  Samples. Samples of all of our Mozzarella Products are available. 
     Samples are also available for most of our other cheeses.  Please call.

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